Casualties of war…Seekers of fortune…Caretakers of ancient empire…Workers of the Craft…Followers of the Path…Villains of the East, heroes of the North, savages of the West and dregs of the South…Welcome home…
All are equal in the eyes of the Red Curse…


Year After Crowning 1010, Year of the Pegasus:

All of Eastern Brun is thick with the lifting fog of global war. The mighty Thyatian Empire is on its knees after a protracted campaign with their rival Alphatia, a conflict which dragged all of Eastern Brun, the Known World, into the fold. But though it’s dreams of colonialism in the new age are for a time dashed, it’s legendary military might depleted, borders open to reprisal, and its territories emancipating themselves from a neutered foreign legion, it is the victor of this war. The empty Alphatian Sea stills boils far to the East, from the last escaping air of the Alphatian homeland now resting below the waves.

The other nations do not escape unscathed. The capital city and Academe d’ Magick of Glantri, nation of Mage Princes, is in ruin from the final assault of Alphatia’ s warmages, seeking the source of their arcane power. A cherry-blossom of smoke still lingers over its Southern provinces, where the Immortals themselves seemingly plucked a great meteor from heaven and smote the earth. The Broken Lands of the Crater are now filling with the monstrous tribes and renegades of the Orc nation of Thar. They are led by the deformed ‘beastman’ known only as Kol. Ethengar’s Golden Kahnate is besieged by usurpers to the throne. The Emmirates of Ylarum are destabilized in a regime change between the Preceptor faction and the Kin, who claim direct lineage from the greatest prophet of their faith, Al-Kalim. Elves of the Kingdom of Alfheim in Exile contemplate the retaking of their plagued forest kingdom from its occupants, the Shadow Elves of Aengmor and their winged god, Atzanteotl. Refugees of wars, famine, plague, and the monstrous denizens of the Known World now look more than ever to the West, to the Savage Coast, and see an essay in unity, the progressivism of the firearm and the foil, the romance of the gaucho gunman taming verduous lands rife for claiming, and the exoticism of strange new peoples.

Hardly the full story, of course. In the West, the Savage Coast has not escaped the spectre of war. The Holy Land of Hule, answering the call of its dark Lord and immortal ruler, the Master, sought to cleanse all the lands, from the Orc’ s Head Pennisula to its own Western borders, of all but the One,True Faith. They see the Savage Baronies as sowers of schism, pagans whose own lands were admonished by the Immortals to deform and mangle their bodies, the inheritors of the Red Curse. The intervening year of Alphatia’ s fall, A.C.1009, only saw the further spread of the Curse up the shores to the Arm of the Immortals, proof enough to Hule that the Savage Coast was irredeemable. War by land and sea rocked all the Coast. At the same time, the mysterious Day of Dread caused all magic in the East, and possibly the whole of Mystara, to fail. The Mageocracy of Harath in the West, bereft of their power, were quickly overrun by the orc and goblin legion pouring from the Yazak Steppes before magic was restored. The Lupin of Renardy and Rakasta of Bellayne renewed their enmity. Even the docile Tortles rose up against their regional oppressors. reanly the unification of the Baronies against Hule ended the Master’s dreams of jihad. A new wave of migrants from the East followed on the heels of a stalemate and uneasy armistice between the Ispana-led coalition of Baronies and Hule, and like the Known World, the Savage Coast must recover.

The untold level of wanton destruction, the reckless hate and desire for conflict that seized the minds, hearts, and nations of the Brun continent, could only have been the concerted efforts of the Immortals themselves. The Great Thy-Alphatian War joined the War of the Desert Rose in coming to be known by another singular name, the Wrath of the Immortals. How the world, and its champions, choose to rebuild and learn from the tragedy of the Wrath is in their, your hands.

Red Steel

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