Red Steel

Work...tired...mmm, pie

Got some good pics going up, some supplemental “flavor art” from here and there to evoke the feel of Bellayne, the barony I think you’ll all be starting in. Characters look great, good party balance, and most of all, fun-looking designs. Pouring over old literature, obscure little articles about the setting, to get a deeper feel for the creators’ intentions. We’ll add our own flavor to the Savage Coast, invariably, but for now there’s a LOT of tailoring, scaling back so we have our little backyard sandbox on the coast to play with. God knows I need everything fleshed out for at least 200 miles around the dungeon site… In case Bob and Kevin get a wandering itch…

Bear out….

Smash and bash and hack and slash, and haul our loot awaaaay!…

going for a wikipedia look...
curse my anal-retentiveness!...

Hope everyone’s still into the spirit, real life and responsibilities are fun to juggle with hobbies and recreation, but it’s coming along… very slowly. Great characters so far, but still need Petey on OP here, plus highly considering a 20 point buy instead of 15… stats looking kinda shrimp for heroes of lore and legend :p…

Bear Out…

I attack the darkness!…

I was right, the best was last...

With Butter’s Tortle barbarian, we have our team…

*The Rakasta Warmage

*The Tortle Druid

*The Human Pirate

  • The Hin Rogue
  • The Half-Orc Monk
  • The Tortle Barbarian
  • No Lupins?…. :(

Need 3edb links or dynamic character sheets on OP, remember 15 point buy and standard starting equipment, approval and then start fleshing them out, I’ll have gazeteer info on the setting going up tonight….

Bear out….

if warriors fear rust monsters, do druids fear beavers?… sorry, that was really bad…

5 out of 6 ain't bad...
Char builds por favor

Thanks Bob and Kevin and Rachel for getting me all that great conversion stuff, saved me some trouble. The build/conversion is moving right along, just hung up on a couple of the mechanics of the setting (but they are central ones :p). Love the builds so far, very diverse…

Dave- Hin Rogue
Petey- Rakasta Warmage
Bob- Tortle Druid
Charity- Human “pirate”
Kevin- Half-Orc Monk…

Butter’s saving the best for last… ;)

Post a link to chars on 3edb, it seems to be what everyone’s most comfortable with…

Thanks again everyone for the input; Dave, I’ll be bouncing some ideas off you since you’ve played this setting more than I have, so expect pestering messages..

Bear out…

Getting incapped by the first goblin in the first session of every campaign since 1999…

Welcome to the Savage Coast!
Player Confirm/Char Building

Return to the original Dungeons & Dragons world! Click the titles of each tidbit below to link to the important stuff…and enjoy!

The Gaming Table

Our future digital tabletop, courtesy of Online gaming will be chat and microphone-based, web-cam, mobile, and tablet-supported. Create a free profile, look for the campaign “Red Steel”, and donate only if you desire. The benefits of “mentor” level are shared by anyone gaming under a “mentor” level GM (which I am) but feel free to get higher membership, they appreciate the extra gold pieces!

The Game System

Open Gaming License D20 3.5e, the system we will be using, though I see some of the errata of Pathfinder (retroactive skill points when INT modifier increases, for example) finding its way into the system as well.

The Approved Sacred Texts… More to be Added

•The Player’s Handbook
•The Player’s Handbook II
•Pathfinder PHB
•Complete Divine
•Complete Adventurer
•Complete Arcane
•Complete Scoundrel
•Complete Warrior
•Expanded Psionics
•Unearthed Arcana
•Epic Level Handbook
•Tome of Battle

•Note that I implore you to use such file-sharing power for good and not for evil… You can technically only possess an unauthorized digital copy of a copyrighted work for 24 hours from the moment of download… At least that’s how ROM’s work…

The Setting

Where player information regarding the campaign setting can be found. This includes gazetteer entries for countries, towns, and points of interest, in-universe news and knowledge the characters would know, and playable races. Unless describing game mechanics, the wiki is written in-universe and considered accessible knowledge to the characters.


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