Red Steel

Welcome to the Savage Coast!

Player Confirm/Char Building

Return to the original Dungeons & Dragons world! Click the titles of each tidbit below to link to the important stuff…and enjoy!

The Gaming Table

Our future digital tabletop, courtesy of Online gaming will be chat and microphone-based, web-cam, mobile, and tablet-supported. Create a free profile, look for the campaign “Red Steel”, and donate only if you desire. The benefits of “mentor” level are shared by anyone gaming under a “mentor” level GM (which I am) but feel free to get higher membership, they appreciate the extra gold pieces!

The Game System

Open Gaming License D20 3.5e, the system we will be using, though I see some of the errata of Pathfinder (retroactive skill points when INT modifier increases, for example) finding its way into the system as well.

The Approved Sacred Texts… More to be Added

•The Player’s Handbook
•The Player’s Handbook II
•Pathfinder PHB
•Complete Divine
•Complete Adventurer
•Complete Arcane
•Complete Scoundrel
•Complete Warrior
•Expanded Psionics
•Unearthed Arcana
•Epic Level Handbook
•Tome of Battle

•Note that I implore you to use such file-sharing power for good and not for evil… You can technically only possess an unauthorized digital copy of a copyrighted work for 24 hours from the moment of download… At least that’s how ROM’s work…

The Setting

Where player information regarding the campaign setting can be found. This includes gazetteer entries for countries, towns, and points of interest, in-universe news and knowledge the characters would know, and playable races. Unless describing game mechanics, the wiki is written in-universe and considered accessible knowledge to the characters.



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