Red Steel

Work...tired...mmm, pie

Got some good pics going up, some supplemental “flavor art” from here and there to evoke the feel of Bellayne, the barony I think you’ll all be starting in. Characters look great, good party balance, and most of all, fun-looking designs. Pouring over old literature, obscure little articles about the setting, to get a deeper feel for the creators’ intentions. We’ll add our own flavor to the Savage Coast, invariably, but for now there’s a LOT of tailoring, scaling back so we have our little backyard sandbox on the coast to play with. God knows I need everything fleshed out for at least 200 miles around the dungeon site… In case Bob and Kevin get a wandering itch…

Bear out….

Smash and bash and hack and slash, and haul our loot awaaaay!…



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